2017-18 Ski-Doo 850 E-tec Turbocharger kit Part # 191-100

Were proud to announce our partnership with Mountain Performance Inc. (MPI). This 200HP Kit is a “Turn Key” Turbocharger Kit for the new Ski-Doo 850 Snowmobile using Factory quality, OEM Ski-Doo appearance components with a track record “second to none” in quality & performance.

Available for Order Today! Order by July 1st 2017 and receive a Free high elevation clutch kit ($450.00 Value) and Free Shipping 

Call today to order 651-466-0212

Kit includes:

  • 200HP at all altitudes - includes EABC (Electronic Altitude Boost Control).
  • The Entire Turbocharger Module comes pre-assembled -- Just unbolt the OEM muffler and install the complete turbo/muffler assembly (use all OEM mounting).
  • Billet aluminum Airbox with o-ring seals. No hose clamps. No air boxes or throttle bodies popping off!
  • Billet Manifolds houses 2 additional 35# injectors.
  • The Entire Turbo Assembly is Stainless Steel. Including the High Flow Stock Sounding Muffler or the optional Lightweight Mountain Muffler.
  • Uses Proven MTA / Billet GT2860RS Oil-less Turbocharger. Ceramic Ball Bearing and Billet Aluminum Turbo CHRA - Better cooling and saves weight.
  • Oversized fabricated aluminum air-box provides superior throttle response
  • Bolt-on installation in hours, not days. No fabrication required, all parts included.
  • Automatic Fuel Turning and Automatic Boost Control makes this "Hands-off Safe"

Higher HP variants & upgrades will be available.

Higher HP Race Turbo kit will include the following

  • Requires use of premium race fuel
  • Lightweight muffler
$3995.00 (Excl. TAX)
Weight: 12lb
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