Dyno Center


Straightline Performance Dyno Room

Straightline Performance is a leader in the aftermarket powersports performance and manufacturing with over 40 combined years of extensive experience at the facility. Certifications in Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are just some of our dyno tuners certifications. Straightline’s tuners have experience with Dynojet, Rapid Bike, Dynatech, Harley Davidson Super Tuner, and many other fuel and timing programmers. Now offering the use of our newly remodeled dyno cell for all powersports tuning.  Straightline’s custom tuners use the best equipment in the industry to realize the full potential of today’s fuel injected and carbureted vehicles with performance modifications. This is the only tool that can accurately calibrate fuel and ignition maps or diagnose run/drivability issues in a controlled environment.

Dynamometer Overviews

Motorcycle/ATV/Cart Dyno – Dynojet 250ix
This state of the art dyno offers advanced diagnostics on a wide variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, ATV’s, Carts, and many other wheel powered vehicles.  The dyno can measure from as little as 1 horsepower to 750+ safely, consistently and reliably in the shop under ideal load conditions. The dyno’s data acquisition is equipped with real time torque module/meter, real time O2 and eddy current load control. Using the real time torque and air fuel Straightline dyno facility is on of the only facilities able to  simulate the best “seat-of-the-pant” road testing right in the shop, many drivability/run problems can be diagnosed in a fraction of the time.

Engine Dyno – Huff Technologies 325
Straightline Performance’s engine dyno is one of the most accurate dynameters on the market with less than 1 % in-accuracy.  Capable of horsepower of over 500 at the crankshaft.  This the same dyno used by many of the OEMs for engine and durability testing.  The engine dyno uses a drive on and off 5000lb hydraulic lift to support your machine up to the dyno.  No need to pull the engine, at Straightline we can dyno in chassis or out.  Data Acquisition is second to none with horsepower, torque, two O2’s, 4 EGT’s, BSFC, water in and water out monitoring, and a fully controlled water supply.

Snowmobile Chassis Dyno – Dynojet 360
Using the same technologies as the other Dynojet dyno’s, Straightline snowmobile chassis dyno can accurately test all driveline, from building the perfect clutch kit to drivability issues at any speed. This is the dyno for any snowmobile that already has the bolt-on’s ready and needs to be tuned. The Dynojet 360 will accurately test gearing, clutching, belts, jetting, acceleration testing,  and peak track horsepower.

Dyno Pricing

We offer Dyno tuning by the hour. Most mapping can be done in four hours or less, but varies based on the number of tuning variables and how the machine responds to tuning changes.  Additional labor cost may be incurred if parts installation is required. Graphs will be printed for a before and after comparison.

Engine Dyno
$150.00 per hour (2 hour min.) or $500.00 full day

Snowmobile Chassis Dyno
$250.00/4 hours or $400.00 full day

Wheel Dyno
$250.00/half day with air fuel full throttle mapping, $400.00 with full 3 dimensional maps, $100.00 3 pulls and complete print out of machine