Our Story

Stu Houle, 1969

My name is Jason Houle.   I was born in Chisago City, Minnesota, in 1975, to a family who had deep roots in snowmobile racing. I grew up with many nights out wrenching with my dad,  Duane. The days of the ski-doo and moto-ski were everyday terms used by my grandpa, Stu Houle.   Racing in the late 60’s for TEAM Moto-Ski was a weekend family adventure.  Those days included cross county and oval racing with Grandpa winning multiple races on Team Moto-skis 370 and 380 modified machines. 

I grew up in a family with 40+ years of racing.  I began racing with my dad in the late 1980’s with speed runs being the family’s choice.  Over the next 10 years, I learned the ins and outs of racing from my dad.  In 1992, I became the first 16-year-old to hold a world speed record and  NSSR “Rookie of the Year”.  From then on, I was hooked.   

Jason Houle at age 2

The mid 90’s went by with my dad and me adding uncountable world speed records to the list.  From the late 90’s my passion grew to other racing venues to include asphalt, water, and grass drag racing.  Straightline Performance’s race team still holds world speed records and competes year round in many forms of racing, which today includes ATV’s.

In 1997, Straightline Performance was founded by my wife, Denise and I.  Due to our rich history in straight line racing, it seemed to be the obvious choice for a company name.  By 2001, Straightline became a company rapidly growing into a leading aftermarket performance shop. The battle has been long, but rewarding in many ways.

Jaosn Houle, NSSR Speed Run World Record Holder at age 16

The year 2004 began with an introduction to TEAM Industries.  Both growing companies, we decided to work together to produce products that are still used today.  In 2006, I was introduced to Barry Holtzman of Holtzman Engineering and began using his products.  After a year of testing, the Straightline team was convinced this was the best Nitrous System available.  After many meetings with Barry, a deal was made and Straightline became the exclusive sales company for Holtzman Nitrous Systems.  This was a huge move for the company and a stepping stone for many changes.  In 2008, a new product was brought to my attention, becoming one of the largest growth ideas I have seen in years.  Today, we all call them Frogzskins, a product designed and built by Wayne & Lisa Nicholson, owners of GTL.  Frogzskin of today now have roots started in the ATV and PWC market with expansion ideas growing daily.  Late 2008, an idea was introduced by Brian Fothergill, owner of Carbon Sled Parts.  After a year of research and development at Straightline,  the now innovative carbon fiber muffler is an industry first and is seen on many snowmobiles.

The Straightline Performance crew enjoying a mountain ride

In addition to racing, my favorite winter-time activities are trail riding, boondocking, or a  good day of hillclimbing.  It is what continues my  passion for the business.  My years of  riding have provided me with the ability to create products that not only perform, but have the reliability to survive all types of punishment.

Straightline Performance’s goals are to produce, manufacture and sell the highest quality products with top customer service for the performance enthusiast.  I personally want to thank my wife Denise, my family and the entire staff of Straightline Performance for making all this possible.

– Jason Houle