Polaris 800 AXYS 800 Single Pipe (high temp black) 132-131

Straightline Performance has now released its 2015-17 Polaris 800 AXYS pipe. This is, and will be the exhaust system that sets the standard that all 800 Polaris AXYS pipes will be measured. Straightline has built its reputation on HP numbers that are “REAL” with no BS. This is hands down the best HP single pipe gain we have produced bar none….

-Pipe in combo with the Straightline Y-pipe and Quiet lightweight muffler produces 16hp with no fuel programmer and over 21hp with a fuel/ignition programmer. The power is broad and easy to tune.

-Peak power is from 8300-8500 rpm.

-We have power commander PVC fuel and ignition programming.

*High Temp Black Pipe not shown.

$449.95 (Excl. TAX)
Weight: 12lb
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