2016-17 Polaris AXYS RMK/ Assault Clutch Kit with Adjustable Weights. 6000ft + 123-143

Polaris High Elevation Clutch Kit for AXYS RMK/ Assault

Complete Kit designed to drastically improve acceleration, back-shift while improving top MPH. This is a complete kit ready to bolt in your machine. For those of you who like to tune this kit includes our fully adjustable clutch weights allowing you to modify the kit for your riding style.

Kit includes:

Primary spring, Secondary spring, Custom SPI Helix, Adjustable weights and magnets for clutch weight tuning.

Includes recommended settings for both Stock & Straightline Single Pipe and Y-Pipe Applications.

$450.00 (Excl. TAX)
Weight: 4lb
Width: 11in
Height: 6in
Length: 9in
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