2010-16 Polaris “Fix it” Durability Kit Part # 112-100

Parts Included: Custom Wiseco Pistons, Spacer, Bolts, Dowel Pins, Base Gasket
It’s a well-known fact that the Polaris 800 twin engine from 2008-current has some serious issues that will eventually lead to engine damage. Straightline Performance has developed a proactive fix to these issues.
Straightline Performance’s engine durability kit was designed to last. Our kit features custom made Wiseco forged pistons. These new pistons are made from stronger alloy to reduce skirt collapse over time. The pistons come with new wrist pins and c-clips and rings. The spacer plate is made from precision ground aluminum to ensure a precise fit, while our anodizing process prevents any corrosion. We also include a complete set of longer cylinder bolts and dowel pins, which accommodate the added case volume.
Due to the added case volume you will see a 2-3 HP gain!112-100

$649.95 (Excl. TAX)
Weight: 5lb
Width: 12in
Height: 6in
Length: 12in
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