Straightline’s “Performance” Ice Scratcher (12 inch) Part# 185-101

$89.95 (Excl. TAX)
Weight: 1lb
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Straightline’s “Performance” Ice Scratcher The only true ice scratcher that uses a production

carbide replaceable tip.

  • Uses “official” custom carbide studs built by Woodys.
  • Full stainless wire cable and ends for lifetime use.
  • Designed to be run down at all times, but can be mounted on the rails if needed.
  • Replaceable and affordable carbide scratcher tip.
  • Large mounting base to avoid rail wear.
  • Short version (12") for rail mounting on tracks under 3+ inches.
  • Long version (16") for bulkhead, A-arm, or ski mounting to aid in cooling.
  • Long version recommended for all mountain sleds with 3+ inch lug height as a rail mount to aid in cooling.

*(sold in pairs (matched sets), same price for both 12" and 16"sizes.










*Rail saver mounts recommended for machines with powder coated rails Part # 185-107





<a href="">185-101 And 185-102 Full Instructions</a>