5/16″ Triangle Digger Aluminum 48(pc)

MATERIAL: Aluminum HOLE SIZE: 5/16" Give yourself an advantage with the Triangle Digger® aluminum support plate this season. The Triangle Digger® delivers more power to the ground by increasing the track rotating speed. The innovation is so distinctive a patent is pending. Tested by Team Woody's® and has passed with increased podium finishes. Available for 5/16" and 7mm studs in packages of 48 and 1000.

Use the new Triangle Digger® indexing tool, SPI-TOOL-T, to align the Triangle Digger® support plates as directed in the installation instructions.

Drag Racers-Ice, Snow or Grass with Camoplast Series 98 and 99 Racing Tracks with 0.525 Lug Heights

When installing the Triangle Support Plate (AWT-3725) with a T-Nut style stud, to comply with the ISR 0.750 above the lug rule, you must use a 1.000 stud length. The 1.060 stud length will bring you more than 0.750 above the lug.

This applies to all Camoplast 98 and 99 Series Racing tracks with 0.525 lug height.

Weight: 5.00lb
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Minimum Order 1 units