Yamaha Nitro

Straightline Performance is now proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Holtzman Engineering Nitrous Technologies. This includes the patented nitrous injector nozzle and the patented piggy back solenoid. The technology in the patented nitrous nozzle provides constant and consistent nitrous flow no matter what bottle pressure you are running. The Yamaha 4 stroke kit for the Nitro is a simple yet effective bolt on. The fuel injection nitrous kits DO NOT REQUIRE A FUEL PROGRAMMER TO RUN. Kit comes complete with all necessary mounting brackets, 40hp nitrous nozzle, waterproof button, patented solenoid, and detailed instructions. This is the safest and easiest kit to install with the most reliable nitrous technology available today. Bottle's Sold Separately.

Weight: 8.00lb
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Minimum Order 1 units