Test Units Needed

The following models are some of the vehicles that we are searching for in order to do prototype development of one, or all of the following: Exhaust Components, Engine Modifications, Chassis Components, and Misc items.

The vehicle must be completely stock, have proper emissions on it when it comes in, and cannot be modified in any form. We require most vehicles for development for as little as 1-2 days up to 2-3 full weeks, and possibly more, depending on the application and how many different components we need to design. Call and check to see if we need your vehicle.  The products we are testing will then be given to the owner of the vehicle.  The customer will also be able, from then on, to purchase SPI products at a discounted price in addition to the free product for their help in vehicle usage. The list below are some of the models we are looking for:

Arctic Cat / ATV UTV
Not needed at this time

Arctic Cat Snowmobile
Not needed at this time

Polaris ATV – UTV
Not needed at this time

2016 or 2017 Maverick X3

Polaris Snowmobile
Not needed at this time


Not Needed at this time.