Units For Sale

Units for sale are units that are either used for development or shows and events machines which have minimal time on them. Our fleet vehicles are meticulously maintained nearly spotless and are always well taken care of.

If you have any questions on these vehicles please don’t hesitate to call 651-466-0212


Pro Stock 1000


Speed running Machine Used on the ice only

  • Woody’s Picks Fully studded track
  • 1010cc motor with custom pipes
  • Pro line based Chassis
  • Carbon fiber hood and rear seat cone


Ski-Doo 860 E-tec 137″

Probably one of the coolest toys we have in our fleet originally a Renegade 800 E-tec now with our complete 860 Big bore kit. complete list of all items on the machine below

  • Straightline 860 Big bore kit
  • Straightline dual stage Nitrous kit
  • Straightline Lightweight muffler
  • Straightline Fuel programmer with auxiliary injectors
  • Straightline Clutch kit
  • Woody’s Chisel tooth studs

Ski-Doo Improved Stock 440

  • Twin pipes -one of the coolest sounding machines
  • Fully built motor
  • Lowered for ice speed running
  • 4″ riser
  • Woody’s picks fully studded track
  • C&A skis